Following discussions with several editors of Series B and support of the Research Section of the Royal Statistical Society, we are starting a blog on the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series B, meaning opening a new media for discussions and comments on the papers published (or not published) in Series B, as well as statistical methodology, theory, and applications, the editorial choices of the journal, and wider statistical issues. All contributions are welcomed, if subject to editorial filtering for obvious reasons. They can be submitted either by email to the Blog AEditor or as comments. And note that LaTeX mathematical formulas like

\int_0^\infty \exp\{-s^2/2\}\text{d}s = \sqrt{\pi/2}

can be easily inserted by adding the word latex just after the first $ sign.

For submitting a post rather than a comment, we would welcome submissions by email in HTML, LaTeX, text, and PDF formats by order of preference, in order to minimise the editing to publish the post with WordPress. In particular, we encourage the use of the latex2wplatex2wp translation program to deliver almost ready HTML files, with the possibility of creating links to papers and other pages. Emails are to be sent to the gmail.com address of seriesBblog.